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Baffle Filters Commercial Kitchen 497x497x45

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Baffle Filters Commercial Kitchen 497x497x45
Baffle Filters Commercial Kitchen 497x497x45
  • Model: Baffle Filter 497x497x45

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Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

Metric Dimensions: 497mm Width x 497mm Height x 45mm Thick

For use in commercial kitchens and ventilation to extract grease laden air and act as a fire barrier.
Fire barriers prevent any cooking flames traveling past the extract canopy. The new Type 2 is a development of
customers requesting certain attributes for the baffle filter, the main ones being rolled edges on frame and blades.
The Type 2 is available in 45mm depths only, this is required for the filter to operate at a constant
efficiency and to protect the system as a flame barrier as tested to European Standard DIN 18869-5.
The Type 2 Baffle design has a higher grease filtration efficiency than other baffle filters on the market due to the
blade design and spacing.

MaterialStainless Steel