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General Questions

Question -  What is your standard delivery time?

  • Answer - We offer the fastest available shipping times in the industry, typical delivery times are 24 - 48 hours.  Seasonal fluctuations at times can extend the delivery time however.

Question -  How much does shipping cost?

  • Answer - For standard kits we usually include delivery.  For bespoke kits and large items we do not include delivery as it depends on distance, weight and item volume.

Question -   Do you ship to Northern Ireland / Ireland and the European Union?

  • Answer - Yes we do.  For Northern Ireland our usual shipping costs apply.  For all other economic areas we will provide seperate shipping costs depending on local custom regulations.  Due to distance and export customs, delivery times will extend.

Question - Can we help with Installation?

  • Answer - Most of our kits can be fitted without specialist knowledge.  We provide a useful and informative advice service and can help you with any extra information you may require.  All normal electrical and gas inspections will still apply.  For any advice on regulations, planning and enronmental health please call our helping on 0330 325 0477

Question - Will your hoods comply with regulations?

  • Answer -  Yes all our hoods are manufactured from 100% stainless steel.  For compliance with gas regulations please seek advice of a qualified and certified gas engineer.  For planning and building control please seek advice from your local planning office or building control.  We can offer full design services from our highly knowledgable and competant industry partners,  please call for more advice on the subject.

Ventilation FAQ's

Question - What type of hood is best?

  • Answer - That depends on the application and type of cooking equipment you have and also if there are any other constraints.
  • 1 - Greasy or smoky foods need large box type hoods in order to contain the smoke and grease.
  • 2 - A low ceiling would need a taper style hood.
  • 3 - A pizza oven would need a pizza hood that has two baffle filter housing at each end.

Question - What length should the kitchen hood be:-

  • Answer - We reccommend there should be 300mm overhang on the left and right hand side of the total cooking equipment length.   There should be 300mm overhang at the front of the cooking equipment.  If the cooking equipment has a big door, such as with a combination oven then it should have a 500mm overhang in order to capture cooking gasses as the door is openend.

Question - Do I need makeup air

  • Answer -  If it is gas equipment then probably yes, (seek expert gas advice from a qualified and certified gas engineeer).  If it is electric then it is considered to be good practice.
  • Answer - Ok but why is it needed.  There are two reasons,  (i) it helps with the extraction of the air, as the air is replensihed and thus makes extraction easier.  (ii)  The fresh air makes combustion safer and more efficient.  (iii) It helps with energy efficiency, as heated air from the restaurant for example is not pulled out of the premises, instead purposly supplied air is removed.

Question - Do I need fire suppression

  • Answer - High fire loading items such as fryers, chargrills, wok cookers etc, are reccommend to have additional fire suppression systems fitted.  Definitive guidance should be sought from your Building control, Fire Control or Insurers / Landlords as to there particular requirments and guidance on the matter.  In any case correct maintenance and through regular system cleaning help greatly with fire preventation.

Do you still have more questions?

Then please get in touch with one of experts on our Technical helpine - Tel: 0330 325 0477 for more information and assistance.