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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Kitchen Commercial Ventilation Extraction Canopy Systems & Commercial Kitchen Extraction Fans

Commercial kitchen design and the required kitchen ventilation system can be difficult to specify.  We have designed a range of commercial kitchen ventilation solutions to suit all requirements and budgets. 

We are able to custom manufacture any commercial kitchen canopy that may be required.  We can manufacture kitchen ventilation canopies that have built in fresh air plenums, commercial island canopies, bespoke high end domestic canopies, even brass and other specialised canopies.

Our commercial kitchen extraction hoods are laser cut which make for a quality product. We have different grades of commercial extraction to suit all budgets and cooking types from full commercial kitchen systems with built in fresh air and energy efficient fans to small self contained extractor hoods that have the fan built in. We also offer an expert consultancy service that can offer full system design, drawings, DEFRA specification, Noise details and full odour control specification that can be issued to your local council for support of planning conditions and change of use.  Please ask for details.