Pleated Panel Kitchen Filter

 Pleated Panel Filter are used in a variety of HEVAC applications where higher level air cleanliness is needed over the standard pre filters. Glass media is unacceptable in food and pharmaceutical industries and in some hospital areas. Especially useful where the installation requires a combination of high arrestance coupled with control over smaller particles. The high capacity version is selected when space is at a premium; filter sizes match the rated capacities of bag filters. Card construction with an optional metal frame for environments with high moisture content is available on request.

Moisture resistant cardboard frame

G4 efficiency, to provide a good base level of filtration

Fully supported media bonded to expanded mesh grid

The filtering media is bonded to the case to eliminate air by-pass

Strong, robust construction

Extended surface area High dust holding capacity

Dimensions of product are part marked into frame for positive ID

Pleated panel Grade G4 - 596(H)x289(W)x47(D)mm

Pleated Panel Grade G4 - 496(H)x496(W)x47(D)mm

Pleated Panel Grade G4 - 596(H)x496(W)x47(D)mm

Pleated Panel Grade G4 - 596(H)x596(W)x47(D)mm

Pleated panel Grade G4 - 596(H)x596(W)x97(D)mm

Carbon Impregnated Panel Filter 594(H)x294(W)x47(D)mm

Carbon Impregnated Panel Filter 397(H)x397(W)x47(D)mm

Carbon Impregnated Panel Filter 596(H)x596(W)x47(D)mm

Carbon Impregnated Panel Filter 594(H)x294(W)x97(D)mm

Carbon Impregnated Panel Filter 596(H)x596(W)x97(D)mm

Pleated Panel Kitchen Filter

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