Ventilation Filters

Ventilation Filters
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Baffle Filters Commercial Kitchen 597x597x45

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters Metric Dimensions: 597mm Width x 597mm Height x 45mm Thick For use ..


Bag Filters for commercial kitchen extraction systems

The Type 14 Multi pocket bag filter is manufacture using technology found on high end products. When..


Carbon Panel Filters

The Type 8 carbon cube has for many years been used to remove airborne noxious fumes and gases. Its ..


Galvanised Mesh Filter for Kitchen extraction

  GALVANISED MESH FILTER   Mesh filters are the result of years of experience in the manufacture ..


Pleated Panel Kitchen Filter

 Pleated Panel Filter are used in a variety of HEVAC applications where higher level air cleanl..


Rigid Compact Filter for commercial extraction

The Type 15 is the culmination of many years of R&D. High efficiency mini pleat compact filter m..