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Commercial kitchen extraction robot manufacturing

We are often asked how can we manufacture such high quality items at a remarkably low price.  Well the answer is automation and ingenuity.  We are always looking at how we can reduce our costs by changing and adapting our manufacturing methods to new technologies.  We have good reliable machinery that we have incorporated into our computer controlled automation system.  This enables us to batch run large quatities of identical parts quickly and efficiently.  This in turn reduces retooling costs and enables us to monitor quality throughout the production run as it is very easy to determine toll degradation from one part to another.  Our robot processing station also help with assembly and various intermediate tasks that require high precision.

1 Comment(s)

Ali Gulamali:
26/06/2018, 10:32:41 PM, Google

Hi, I am looking into opening a restaurant in the next couple of months and am looking for 2x4m extractor hoods. The restaurant will have a kitchen and a commercial kitchen. The extractor need 2 silencers and goes out of the side of the building approx 4m high. If this is something you could assist with please call me on 07727085937. Thank you

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